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We would like to provide you with our expertise when it comes to organizing an event. We have years and years of experience providing the best catering services. Or maybe you would like to celebrate a special occasion with your colleagues hosting a small indoors party. Contact us if you have any questions.

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Expand your horizons with us and let’s get to know each other a little better. We offer a partnership beneficial to both parties. We would like to offer you and your staff members a constant discount offer up to -15%. Most importantly the are no restrictions - discount is valid every single day on and off working hours! Additionally you could order our lunch offers directly to your office without any additional delivery fees.

Sushi Catering

Organizing an event should always remain hustle-free. We provide you with rich and tasteful dishes suitable to feed not only the major events(banquet, corporate, concert) but day-to-day occasions(a birthday of a colleague, summer days or Christmas party). Taking all of your requirements under consideration allows us to provide best service for the best price possible. Everything will be good and ready at the exact time.

Your own sushi chef

Your own sushi chef - a type of catering when a team of sushi chefs arrives at your party and sets up a local kitchen. Sushi chefs at your party - a true pearl for any celebration! Everything is cooked and cut right before your guests eyes. Our chefs happily answer all the question that could concern your guests regarding the important processes involved in sushi making.

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